Something that I have heard a lot from our members since our doors have closed is “I just don’t want to go backwards” A lot of people are probably thinking the same thing. It is now coming up to April and you have been training hard for the past 3 months, you don’t want to loose that. At the start of 2020 you made a big list of goals and have just started crossing a few off and now…………… blamo! Corona virus!!!

Here is why I know you are going to be fine.

You’re Now Learning Self Motivation

Yeah sure coach is sending you the workout, making sure you get it done and keeping you accountable, but you are learning what it means to work hard even when no one is watching. This is foreign for a lot of us, we are so used to working out in a group and being made accountable for our effort, but now you are motivating yourself and that will carry on into other aspects of life.

Getting Through Hard Times

Life is not always easy, Strength workouts or stretching sessions. Sometimes in life you have to grit through the hard times, like a 20 to 1 Burpees and 400m Run. You have a community around you, that will push you and get you through. You have also proven that you can get through difficult scenario’s, I have seen it in the gym. Now its time to put it into practice.

Adapting To What you have

You have seen the benefits from the CrossFit, constantly varied programming. This is just another chance to add more variation to your training program. If you are home training for another 6 months, just imagine how good you will be Body Weight exercises by the time we get back in the gym. Pull Ups, Handstands, Pistol Squats, Push Ups, Double Unders, now is the time to tick them off the list.

You Have All the time you want

You use to live a fast passed life and getting to the gym was hard. You seen the members that trained 5, 6, 7 sessions per week and thought “I’ll never be that fit I don’t have the time” Well now you got plenty of it. The only thing that will hold you back is laziness, but that ain’t you. You’re a CrossFitter

2020 Your best year yet

Don’t let this hold you back, you can do it!

If you ever need help finding motivation email me, call me text me and we’ll get you on track.

Coach Lock