There is a video circulating Instagram from @carlsjsoda pouring her heart out in response to Thursdays announcement of Victorias fifth lockdown. It has had over 3 million views and shared by CrossFit Games athlete Kara Saundars. Daylesford CrossFit has a connection to that lady. She designed and made the T-Shirts of Daylesford CrossFit back in 2018 when she worked for the company 21-15Nine and she is also a CrossFitter. I didn’t want to watch her video, I knew what she had to say, but because of that connection I gave her my time.

We can look at our time and energy spent in two bubbles. Your influence bubble and your Control bubble. Your influence bubble is probably where we spend most of our time and energy. Watching the news, flicking through social media, listening to podcasts, maybe reading, maybe watching videos on social media of people poring their heart out and trying to change the world. In this bubble you have very little effect on situations or circumstances. We can learn in this bubble, but unless you have a very large audience you will not change much. You will not change the news and your time on social media will be wasted time. The second bubble, your control bubble is full of the things you can effect. What time you get up in the morning, what you eat, your job, your interactions with others, your relationships. This bubble will effect your own environment. This bubble you have full control over outcomes.

During a lockdown we probably spend 80% of our time in the Influence bubble and 20% in the Control bubble. If you are having a hard time with lockdowns, if you are in the unfortunate group that has had negative outcomes due to lockdowns, you need to prioritise your time. Focus all your time on the one bubble that will change your circumstance, your control bubble. Forget about the influence bubble, turn off social media, don’t watch the news you have no control over what the government is going to announce today. You have 100% control over what time you wake up, what you eat, if you drink alcohol or not, if you exercise or not. Focus on the things that are in your control and take care of your self.

and If you have lost all hope, reach out. People do care