Last weeks blog post was an example of a one day food diary for myself. I listed everything I ate for the day and worked out how many Kilo-joules I consumed. This week I have compared my daily Kilo-joules with the Victorian Governments, Better Health initiative. This initiative has introduced policies for fast food outlets to display the kilo-joule content on their menus. Giving the consumer a representation of how much energy a single item or meal contains, allowing a more educated choice on what and how much we eat. Then as long as we stay under our daily kilo-joule intake (energy IN) or we increase exercise (energy OUT) we will stay in a healthy weight range. This is a pretty simple and easy guideline to follow and if all food options have displayed kilo-joule content, it makes it a simple process to track energy IN.

My meal diary last week had a total of 8750 kilo-joules for the entire day. I then broke it up into three macro-nutrients

Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat

The percentage of intake on each of the three Macro-Nutrients are;

Carbohydrates 40%

Protein 30%

Fat 30%

This in grams looks like

Carbohydrates = 144 grams

Protein = 112 grams

Fats = 48 grams

I looked at the Victorian Government better Health website, to compare my daily food intake with the Federal governments Australian Dietary Guidelines. My goal was to work out how much they suggest I should be eating and compare with what I do eat. My expectation was that it would say I eat to much. The Guidelines where a little bit harder to work out because 1 serve of Carbohydrates did not equal to the same quantity in grams as another serve of Carbohydrates eg, 1 serve of Vegetables worked out to be 4 grams of Carbs and 1 serve of Bread was 11 grams of Carbohydrates. So I simply worked out how many serves of food in one day they suggested I eat, which equaled 18

This then broke up into

Carbohydrates 14 serves

Protein 3 serves

Fats 1 serve

In a percentage this worked out to be

Carbohydrates 70%

Protein 20%

Fats 10%

Now to workout how many kilo-joules I should be eating. This was made easy by the online calculator

Gender – Age – Weight – Activity Level = 14,506 kilo-joules

FOURTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND SIX KILO-JOULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a lot of food. I feel pretty stretched eating the 8,750 I do when I properly weigh all my food. I do not think I could fit in an extra 5,000 kilo-joules, unless my choice in food quality changed.

This in grams, with the percentages worked out above, looks like

Carbohydrates = 607 grams

Protein = 173 grams

Fats = 39 grams

For anyone that has done or looked at the zone diet this is

Carbohydrates = 67 Blocks

Protein = 24 Blocks

Fats = 13 Blocks

That is a lot of Carbohydrates, think your average size carrot is 1 Block of carbs. So I would need to eat 67 carrots a day. The only way I could see possible to eat this amount of food would be to eat foods that are very dense in Carbohydrates.

If I walk into McDonald’s, look at the menu and I have 14,506 Kilo-joules to work with, NOTHING is off the menu.

It really makes you think WHO is driving these initiatives and is it going to reduce food consumption or is the aim really to sell more burgers and coca cola. Do we need to reduce food consumption or are we better of educating people on what is real food and what is processed crap.

Then I thought who is responsible for when the populations obesity rates continue to increase and the tsunami of chronic disease hits. Well at the bottom of every page it is clearly explained who is not responsible and that is the Victorian Government. It seems as if they already knew that the content they provided is a load of shit and will only increase the epidemic we already face.