In three weeks time gyms will reopen after 4 months of closure. For some this gives an opportunity to start their CrossFit journey again, for others this is an opportunity for a new beginning. If we look back to when we first started CrossFit, knowing what you know now would you do anything different? What would your advice be to someone starting CrossFit? Would you train more, would you train less, would you strive for a kipping pull up or focus on strict, would you pay more attention to weaknesses, would you do more mobility work, would you focus more on nutrition. We now sit with a rare opportunity to start all over and pay closer attention to finer details.

My 5 tips for starting CrossFit


If you have read any of my posts, you would have herd this before, but I’ll say it again and again because it is by far the greatest mistake I have ever made in my training. Focus on your nutrition. Good Nutrition will bring greater results than any other methods, technique, practice or programming. For this reason my number 1 tip, to anyone starting off CrossFit is, put more effort into your nutrition than you do into your training.


The great thing about CrossFit is the functional movements used will highlight your mobility restrictions. After a life time of sitting, hunching and taking the elevator our bodies are tight twisted up messes and sometimes we don’t even know it. To undo the mess it takes a lot of patients and hard work. Some of that hard work we can do our selves but their will be somethings you need to seek help for. My advice to anyone starting brand new or someone looking for a new beginning is, put the extra work into you mobility from day dot, seek help if you need it. Your future self will thank you for it. It maybe 5mins extra before class or after class, it may be as simple as putting more effort into the warm up and cool down or you may could benefit from seeing a sports massage therapist, Myotherapist, physiotherapist or acupuntor therapy.


This is a hard one, no one starts CrossFit thinking “gee I really want to be able to do a flawless technique squat snatch” our reason why we start CrossFit will be completely different to the reason why we want to do it every day 12 months in. But for someone brand new to CrossFit a focus on technique will see a much faster progression and save you from potential injury. It will be hard to see the reason why technique is so important when your goal is to just be healthier or lose weight, but if you can start from day dot again your future self will thank you for it.


Improvements will not happen overnight, some may come quick and some may take years but the key is consistency. Stay consistent with your training, not one day this week, three days next week, five days the week after and then four weeks off. you want to have a consistent long term approach. Progress is not linear it is not going to be one straight line in upward direction. There will be plateaus and maybe even regressions but if you stay consistent overall you will continue to progress.


You will not be the best at everything, there will be something that you find harder than others. Even the fittest Man and Women on Earth lose events and sometimes badly. They could be crowned the fittest on Earth with potentially never winning an event. If you have a big ego you will have a hard time starting CrossFit, you need to be able to except that fact that apart of your game needs work and that’s ok.

Some advice given from the Daylesford CrossFit members.

Q: If you where to go back and start CrossFit over again, what would you do different?

“Learn technique properly from the start, push harder and train more.”

“Not get so focused on weight at the detriment of technique and mobility.”

“Go more often. 3 times a week minimum, even if doing other sports”

“Start sooner! I got caught up in my head thinking I was to overweight to do CrossFit”

“I”d do it correctly”

“Eat better from the beginning”

“Get technique right on the squat cleans and the squat snatches before going up in weight. Apart from that I would do nothing different, its been awesome”

“Going to the beginners class helped a lot. Perhaps starting a Nutrition goal at the same time and maybe more mobility before going into the weights”

“I can’t think of anything I would do different. Starting off 3 days a week was good and building up to 5 days. 5 days straight off might have burnt me out too quick”