Afghanistan is an extremely Isolated country. It is really hard to picture how isolated it is. I know from being there how difficult it would be to send help to a young girl in the Baluchi Valley in Oruzgan province in Afghanistan.

Departing from Patrol Base Mirrawise in the Chora Valley. North of Baluchi

I remember talking to locals in the Baluchi Valley who had never been to Train Kowt. It was the closest city, within 20km and the largest city in the province, but there where adults who had never been there. Imagine living in Yandoit as a farmer and never been to a major town the size of and distance from your home, like Daylesford or Castlemaine. Imagine if all you new and all you had ever seen was Yandoit. Then in this town where you lived of Yandoit, the greatest concern your family and friends have, is the neighbouring town upstream Shepardsflat. It is an extremely simple life, even there understanding of who the Taliban was, is narrow. They would call them Chechans, from the time fighters come from Chechenya to help fight the Russians in the 1980’s. The locals of Baluchi Valley could not determine between Taliban and Chechans.  They are farmers who live a simple life.

Baluchi Valley. Photo taken from the North Eastern end of the Valley facing South West


Now think this is the Isolation within Afghanistan. The western world is scrambling to get people out of the Capital of Kabul. We are about to lose access into the country, let alone access to move things around the country.



Another operation I was apart of was to take the Afghan National Army down to Kandahar to get supplies for the winter. The distance from Train Kowt to Kandahar is around 75km and it is along a major supply route for the country.  We departed at 4am in the morning and arrived at 5pm the following day. It was over 36 hours of constant travel. Yes we where slowed by a 120 vehicle convoy securing positions as we moved, stopping for Afghan Army to prey, but I would believe a single vehicle not stopping it would still take over 6 hours to complete the 75km trip. Along that trip there would be a handful of small towns that you would have to pay for safe access along the road. It is very easy for the Taliban to set up check points and control these supply routes. Anything in and anything out goes past them.

Kiwa warrior (BAM BAM) flies over Convoy

Somewhere between Tarin Kowt and Kandahar


What is happening in Afghanistan is a desperate situation and for westerners to send help is not easy. An American Delta force commander, was once given a job to come up with a plan to capture Osama Bin Laden in 1999 before 9/11 occurred. His best plan was for a covert operation, sending in a very small team 2-4 people riding quad bikes from Pakistan over nights. His plan was determined too risky for the small team, but if his plan had have been achieved imagine the impact it would have made on the world. Our problem is we tend to think big, think small. There are already reporters and Non Government organisations on the ground, help them. The smaller the foot print on the ground the more effective the impact will be.