CrossFit Inc has been a rapidly growing fitness community. From the first lone gym in 2001 to 15,000 around the world. The success of the company has been in the methodology of training, the community it has built and the popularity of the CrossFit Games. CrossFit Inc now faces big changes with the sale of the company, from the original founder, to a CrossFit Affiliate owner and entrepreneur, Eric Roza.

History of CrossFit

2001 –

The founder of CrossFit Gregg Glassman, opened the first CrossFit box in Santa Cruz California.

April 2002 –

The First CrossFit journal article was published. Foundations

October 2002 –

What is Fitness, is published in the CrossFit Journal. The one article that changed the fitness industry for ever.

Late 2002 –

First Affiliate opens in Seattle Washington, CrossFit North.

2004 –

4 Affiliates, brought together by the sharing of information in the CrossFit Journal and CrossFit.com daily WOD posts.

May 2006 –

First CrossFit Affiliate opens in Australia. CrossFit North Queensland.

2007 –

250 Affiliates

July 2007

First CrossFit games takes place at Dave Castro’s Ranch

2008 –

500 Affiliates

Feb 2009 –

1000 Affiliates

July 2009 –

CrossFit Games expands by introducing Regional Qualifiers, Held in USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Iceland, Asia, Australia and Africa, as well as online.

2010 –

2,500 Affiliates

March 2011 –

First CrossFit Open, allowing athletes from around the world to take a shot at the title of Fittest Man and Women on EARTH. 26,000 athletes participate in the 2011 Open

2011 –

CrossFit Games has ESPN coverage and combined prize money of $1,000,000

March 2012 –

69,000 athletes sign up for The CrossFit Open.

Nov 2012 –

5,000 Affiliates

March 2013 –

138,000 athletes sign up for The CrossFit Open. Doubling numbers from the year before.

March 2014 –

209,000 athletes sign up for The CrossFit Open.

June 2014 –

10,000 Affiliates

August 2014 –

Rich Fronning wins the Games 3 years in a row.

2015 –

Changes are made to the size of regions, the second stage of the CrossFit Games. Reducing the amount of Regions and making it harder to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

August 2015 –

Aussie Tia-Clair Toomey a rookie at the games finishes Second. Kara Saunders finishes Fifth and a third Aussie finishes 12th in the Women’s Open Devision.

2016 –

13,000 Affiliates

2016 –

324,000 athletes sign up for The CrossFit Open.

August 2016 –

Tia-Clair Toomey wins the CrossFit Games. Kara Saunders finishes 7th

2017 –

14,500 Affiliates

March 2017 –

380,000 athletes sign up for The CrossFit Open.

11th July 2017-


August 2017

Aussie Girls dominate. Tia-Clair Toomey wins the CrossFit Games 2 years in a row. Kara Saunders comes Second.


15,000 Affiliates

March 2018

429,000 athletes sign up for the CrossFit Open.

August 2018

CrossFit HQ layoff The Games team. Announcing big changes to come.


15,000 Affiliates

1st Jan 2019

CrossFit.com change the look of the main site. The content changes from Forging Elite Fitness to Health. Videos of healthy meals and elderly training in their lounge rooms are the new content from HQ.

Jan 2019

CrossFit HQ continue with more layoff’s to the Crossfit Media team.

March 2019

358,000 athletes sign up for The 2019 CrossFit Open. A drop in numbers from 2018

May 2019

CrossFit.com suspends their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

August 2019

CrossFit Games takes place in new venue, Madison Wisconsin. Coverage of The Games is open for anyone media company to cover.

September 2019

The CrossFit Games season changes. The Open will be held in October of the year before. No Regionals and the introduction of sanctionals.

October 2019

239,000 athletes sign up for The 2020 CrossFit Open. 200,000 less than 2018

Feb 2020

CrossFit Box’s around the world face closure to COVID 19 Pandemic

March 2020

CrossFit Affiliates around the world forced to close doors.

June 2020

CrossFit Inc Owner and CEO releases sale of Company due to a rise in unpopularity of the handling of COVID 19, Black Lives Matter movement and allegations of misconduct within HQ.

Change to CrossFit Inc is coming. Some of the change that has already been seen are definitely for the better. Australia now has a Affiliate Representative Matt Swift, who will act as a voice for Australian Affiliates to CrossFit HQ. I think the biggest changes we will see is to the CrossFit Games. New sponsor deals struck, return of Regionals, return of media coverage and possibly much more.

Exciting times ahead.