What’s happening in Afghanistan is complicated. An understanding of its history and extreme isolation is needed to understand what the future holds for the people and especially the women of Afghanistan. Understand, they are now cut off, apart from Kabul airport getting in and getting out is near impossible. So aid will be extremely hard to not end up in the Taliban hands. Understand, The Taliban do not care about how many people on Social Media condemn their actions, nor do they care about how many world leaders condemned their actions and really they do not give two shits what happens outside of the country. The world no longer has any influence on what happens there.

What will happen in the years to come will make you sick to your stomach, to the point where you would not believe me if I told you. We may hear a few stories from what is happening in Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar Sharif, but we will never know the atrocities that will take place in remote areas.  Children will be forced to become sex slaves and rapped by Taliban leaders. It is hard to get your head around, but rapping children is not a rare thing in Afghanistan nor is it even frowned upon. Often we would see Chi Boys, young boys between the ages of 6 and 10 dressed up with make up, who would belong to a man as a sexual slave. This happened even without the Taliban in power and we where told there was nothing we could do about it.  Women will have every single right taken away from them. Forced into marriage as young as 12 years old, to never leave the house without a mans presence and to be sold like belongings. I seen an article yesterday about a young women in Kabul LINK who has lost her job, forced to burn her University diplomas and her story was deeply saddening. Unfortunately it is nothing compared to what the women in regional Afghanistan will face. The worst thing is, we will not hear about it, they are so isolated and the Taliban have already begun rounding up media.



If the situation sounds bad on the news it will be far worse in reality. I am deeply saddened because I don’t believe there is much we can do to help the women and children of Afghanistan now.



Hard times make hard men, Hard men make easy times, easy times make soft men, soft men make hard times.

Hard men rid Afghanistan of the Taliban making easier times, Soft men took the rains and have now made harder times with the return of the Taliban.

No amount of condemning speeches from politicians will save the people of Afghanistan. Their only hope is for more hard men to spill more blood.