Some of the buzz words and scientific terms used in the fitness industry can be confusing and miss leading. With less than a week until Victorian gyms open, these buzz words are gonna be coming in hot and heavy. Here are some short definitions of regular terms used in the fitness industry.


This is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Interval training is burst of intense exercise followed by a periods of rest.


Is an abbreviation for Cardiovascular Respiratory system, our lungs and our heart. Training cardio is increasing our ability to gather oxygen and deliver it to the body.

Core Exercises

The core refers to the bodies trunk. The muscles that make up the core can be explained as a corset or even better two corsets, one on top of the other. One layer ties up at the front and the other ties up at the back, working together to create stabilisation. The core stabilisers the spine and also flexers and extends the spine.


Strength is the bodies ability to productively produce force. This can be force to move ones body, like a push up or force to move an object, like a bench press. To gain strength resistance is increased.

Resistance Training

This is one of the typical buzz word used to make a program sound different. But it is exactly what it sounds like. Using some type of resistance to increase strength.


Refers to the bodies energy pathways, The Oxidative pathway. It is our long lasting slow burning energy system. It was once seen as the most effective fat burning methode, long slow continuous exercise.


Refers to the bodies energy pathway, The Glycolytic pathway. It is our moderate power of unsustained effort. Meaning it is the boost of energy that will last for 90seconds to 3 minutes and then you will have to reduce pass.


Is a from of interval training created by Dr Izumi Tabata. A typical Tabata workout is 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, then 10 seconds rest, of one movement. The intents is to do as much work as possible in the 20 seconds.

Functional Fitness

This has become the biggest buzz word in the fitness industry, to the point it has lost all meaning. Functional movements are movements that replicate everyday life. Picking something up off the ground, placing it over head, carrying, throwing, running, jumping, pulling, pushing, these are the movements we where born to do.

Toning / Toned

This is another buzz word used for advertising of a desired aesthetic outcome. There is now a great desire to be more “toned” and the thought you need to do “toning” exercises. Toned is a description of an aesthetic appearance. It requires muscle without body fat, so definition of muscles are visible.

Fat Burning

Any “fat burning” exercise sounds great, effective and appealing. Everyone that wants to exercise, wants to be burning fat. This makes it a great buzz word, for selling exercise. Thought, if two people are doing the same “Fat Burning” workout, ones blood sugars are stable and their body is burning fat and the other is extremely high and their body is only burning sugar and not fat, is the workout still a “Fat Burning” workout??
Fat Burning is very subjective, but great advertisement.


The bodies metabolism is the bodies ability to convert food to energy and the bodies ability to use energy. Our bodies can be in a anabolic state, where the body is storing energy or we can be in a catabolic state where our bodies are burning energy. This is a very complicated process of many different systems, it is not as simple as energy in and energy out. Our metabolism is effected by the food we eat, the exercise we do and our genetic make up.


The word Hypertrophy comes form the English word Hyper, meaning more and the Greek word Trophia meaning Nourishment. It is used to define increasing muscle size. Hypertrophy training is commonly done by targeting or isolating individual muscles or groups of muscles.


I am going to finish with the big one, the most confusing word in the health language, “Fitness”. CrossFit has defined Fitness as “Increased work capacity across broad time and modalities.” Increases work capacity means the ability to do more. Across broad time meaning short distance, long distance, heavy weights, light weights, low reps, high reps. Across broad modalities means, across more exercise training methods, running, rowing, swimming, weightlifting, powerlifting, throwing, catching, jumping, gymnastics and sport.

Coach Lock