Daylesford CrossFit is the family gym. The family gym because our members are, our Great Grand Children (PreSchool 3-5), Grand Children (Kids 5-9), Children (PreTeens 10-14), Parents, Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents. We are the family Gym because we cater for the hole family. Daylesford CrossFit is also the family gym because we are our own family. We celebrate Christmas together, birthdays together, we support each other, we help each other and every member is important as the next. As the founder of the family I face a hard decision that must be made. I know we have all thought it in a session with 8 people and we are rubbing shoulders and sharing bars, how big do we allow the family to grow?

The Fitness Industry

Daylesford CrossFit is the family Restaurant of the fitness industry. We have a big specials board full of WOD and Wine Nights, CrossFit Opens, Nutrition Nuts and allowance to order off the menu. You are greeted by your first name or nick name and people are genially interested in how your day was and if you are doing OK. We are not 24/7 McFitness. You will not be greeted by “welcome to Daylesford CrossFit can I take your order” Every member is apart of the family. However a family restaurant has a max capacity, where the fast food restaurant can cater for as many people that walk through the door. Daylesford CrossFit can a only seat so many and for our members to benefit from the high level of coaching there must be a max capacity.

Max Capacity

Daylesford CrossFit has seen slow growth since opening in 2017 and I hope to reach full capacity, to continue to survive. But I also do not want to see our family gym turn into a McFitness gym where members come and go without being noticed. For this reason I have decided to cap our active CrossFit membership numbers. I know this will cap my reach to the community and my income, but it is the best thing for our members.

New Years Resolutions

With New Years Eve only 4 weeks away comes a crowd of new years resolutioner’s. As a family gym I have no interest in signing up 40 people on January 1st and levering them into 12 month memberships, knowing that most will drop off by March. It is proven to be an unsuccessful way of changing some ones life and I have no interest in it. I can only onboard so many new members at a time and our four small walls will only fit so many. If you have a friend or family member who needs to become a Daylesford CrossFit member, now is the time to bring them in.

Starting CrossFit

The process to become a Daylesford CrossFit family members is to have a FREE one on one introduction session with me. Every one remembers their first CrossFit WOD and the anticipation of how hard it would be. The introduction session is to break that barrier and get them in they gym without the worry of doing a workout. At the Introduction session they can asses if Daylesford CrossFit is right for them and if they are right for Daylesford CrossFit. There is no one size fits all for starting CrossFit, everyone is different and the start up process should be tailored to each individual.


I am looking forward to what 2020 brings and I thank you all for your support in 2019. I am committed to every members success and can not wait to see you smash your goals in 2020

Coach Lock