How do you approach your training? Are you setting goals? How do you measure progress? How do you know if your are on the right track or just flailing around?

When I first started Daylesford CrossFit I never considered an athletes body weight or circumferences as a measuring point. I believed weight loss to be a byproduct to fitness. Aim and work hard at your Fitness and weightless will come. That was my thought, but over time I have found that this does not work for everybody. Training hard is only one tool for Health. Nutrition and diet should come before training. Attitude or “mindset” also plays a huge part to achieving our goals. So how can we measure progress from working on nutrition? and improve our mindset?

I have found a useful method in the Inbody scan. The Inbody Scan will give an accurate portrayal of your body composition, giving you a detailed starting point and an objective analysis of progress when remeasured over time. The same as your Murph time is to your Work Capacity, your Inbody Scan is to your health. We can use the Inbody Scan to measure the success of your diet and make adjustments where needed. Another benefit of the the Inbody scan is, you can work on the mindset of measuring and retesting for success.

Is your diet working?

The only way to test this is to take a measurement, stick at diet for period of time that is long enough to make change and then retest. If you have done this process in the past you will know the feeling of success or failure. If you found success, did you set new goals and work at it or drop off, if you failed did you make changes and continue to work at it or lose hope and give up. This is where we can work on mindset and focus on achieving goals. Apart of mindset is adjusting to set backs and failures, retesting, setting new goals and repeating the process.

A 12 week plan

12 weeks is a long enough time to make some substantial changes to your health and fitness. 12 weeks is also a short enough time to not lose focus and drift away from your goal. Breaking your training down to 12 week blocks, where you set a goal, make a plan to achieve the goal and have an objective way of measuring progress at the end of the 12 weeks, is a way we can keep focused and progressing with our health and fitness.

  • Get an Inbody Scan (set you point A)
  • Wright down three measurable goals (point B)
  • Come up with a plan to achieve each goal (plan)
  • Stay focused
  • Make yourself accountable
  • Retest
  • Repeat