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My fitness journey began as a 17 year old when I decided to join the Army. I knew I was going to be one the youngest and was determined to be as fit as I could be. Going for runs at 6am before school and doing push ups in my bedroom at night. In the Army my love for Health and Fitness grew, lifting weights and going for runs became regular activities in my spare time. Over my time in the Army I become aware that the normal gym program of Back and Bise one day, chest and tries the next and then a long slow distance run the other, did not translate to real life fitness. It did not make me any better at pack marches or did not make me any better at carrying ammo boxes. I really struggled with the lead up training for my second deployment to Afghanistan with the Infantry Regiment 1 RAR. So, in 2010 Me and a group of mates started shifting towards a more functional fitness program. Making up random workouts, mixing body weight, cardio and strength and finally we seen the improvements that we were after. We would get questions from other soldiers “are you blokes doing CrossFit?” I had no idea what CrossFit was and would respond “no bloody way are we doing that crap.” We started hearing about these “CrossFit” workouts and gave them a try, it was not long until I was hooked.
In 2013 it was clear the Afghanistan war was over, so I was looking for a change and decided to discharge from the Army. I knew I wanted to help people and I really enjoyed instructing my last few years in the army as Corporal. I started studies for my Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness and found a part time job at PerFit CrossFit in Ballarat taking CrossFit and Bootcamp classes. But It was not long until I got itchy feet. Transitioning from the Army was hard. Boxing at Wombat Fight Club was the one thing that kept me sane, but the boredom of my new civilian life was still too much. I sold my things and bought a one-way ticket to Canada. I travelled around snowboarding and Crossfiting for a winter, but still struggled to find the challenge that army life once gave me.
I returned to Daylesford and started a new job for Corrections Victoria at Loddon Prison as the Senior Recreation Officer. It was the challenge I was looking for. Working in a Prison is a complex environment with many roadblocks and setbacks. I enjoyed the challenge and it helped me transition into civilian life. But I still missed coaching and needed CrossFit back in my life.