“We don’t rise to the level of our challenges; we fall to the level of our preparation.” – Chris Copper


We need to set our selves up for long-term success: using our bodies and brains in the way they’ve evolved to be used.

We’re wired to save energy. We have evolved to seek the path of least resistance—in other words, we take the easy way out and we’re pretty good at it.

How many of us wake up in the morning and scroll through Instagram for half an hour because it’s easier than getting out of bed. We put off our lunch because we can’t be bothered preparing it… and then hit the snack machines or tea room because there’s no other food nearby.

Looking for a big motivation surge and ramping things up suddenly does not work, we need to make changes that will stick by exploiting our human tendencies.

Make small commitments NOW that will control your actions in the future. For example,  If you join a netball team, you’ll show up for the games and hopefully practice. And if you prepare your lunches in advance for the week, you’ll eat them.


Here are two very simple commitments you can set up right now:


  1. Reserve your spots in Zenplanner for the week.


2. Book a Goal Review Session – Hit LINK


3. Write down what your lunches will be for the week.

To make it easy, either eat the same thing every day OR plan your dinners for the week and carry the leftovers over to the next day’s lunches. I like cooking up a big feast on Sundays and then leftovers are my lunches for the week. A big Sunday roast with plenty of veg.

So write up your shopping list.

Go to the Tonna’s and the butchers

Buy the groceries you’ll need for all of your lunches.

Set aside one hour for food prep Sundays are great.

Chop up your vegetables, proteins, nuts and seeds. Put them into separate containers.
Make enough for the full week.

Check out Cherie and Matt Chan doing Meal Prep

You don’t need to get fancy: Most of us eat the same thing most of the time, and that’s just fine. Save your variety for dinner.


Do your future self a favor: Make commitments in advance!


Coach Lock


Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at Catalystgym.com.