From a distance the CrossFit program may look simple, throw a few movements together, add a time or rep scheme and away you go, everyday make up a new WOD and repeat a WOD or two every three months. To truly understand Crossfit programming and what it is we are trying to achieve I strongly suggest you read What is Fitness by the founder Coach Gregg Glassman. This article of the CrossFit Journal, written back in 2002 has changed the way the world views Fitness and is the reason why Globo Gyms are now trying to make their own version of CrossFit (Xfit, Functional Fitness, HIT, Freestyle, F45) are all remakes of CrossFit, which never would have come about, if Fitness had not been defined in the article What is Fitness.


I am a going to paraphrase What is Fitness down to one paragraph, which will really give it no justice but for those who have not read the article hear we go.

Coach (Gregg Glassman) defined fitness as, Increased work capacity across broad time and model domains. This means, being able to do more at more training methods. So the person who can run faster, jump higher, lift more weight is the fittest. This may not mean they are the best in the world at running or jumping or weightlifting but they will be very good at everything. The person who has the largest increase of work capacity over many time lengths and many training methods will be the most fit.

So how do we program for fitness? Our workouts have to be varied, the movements need to be functional and we need to train at high intensity. Varied movements means we have a long list of movements we need to train and we constantly change length, rep schemes and format of workouts. Functional movement is movements that replicate every day life, picking something up off the ground, moving an object above your head, sitting, standing or using your arms to climb. Another aspect to functional movements is, it need to be measurable. So it is functional in a mathematical sense that we can measure output and progress. Finally we train at high intensity, what is relative to an individuals physical and mental capability. High intensity for one person may be ridiculous and out of the question for another. So CrossFit is: Constantly Varied Functional Movement Performed at High Intensity.

At Daylesford CrossFit over the past three months our program has been focused on strength in the three movements that make up the CrossFit total, The Press, Squat and Deadlift. These three movements are a baseline of strength that will assist in all other force production. This would typically go against the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, but for someone new to CrossFit it is a great place to start, building strength in these simpler movements and then applying that strength to the more complex. Our training week or class schedule has been based off attendance, not what is best for us. I have been programming strength days on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays has been WOD’s that involve all three modality of Gymnastics, Strength and Conditioning otherwise none as a Triplet. Thursday would be a Couplet Gymnastics and Conditioning. Friday, a Single element of Conditioning or Gymnastics. This is not a bad way to Program but it is not ideal. The reason I programmed this way was the majority of members where only training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Only two WODs a week and to get the most out of only doing two WODs a week, they best be Triplets. This way you still get all three elements of our program in one week.

Now as collective our commitment to our fitness is improving, average attendance per week has increased. There is no longer a need to program the way I have and the constantly varied programming will serve us better. A new Winter Timetable will be released, that will see the removal of Barbell Club on Mondays and Wednesdays and a few other minor changes. There will still be single modality strength days, they just may now be any day of the week. Also the focus on the CrossFit Total movements will be gone. Hopefully we have all seen improvement in our strength and that improvement serves us well with our lead up to the 2020 CrossFit Open.

Expect to see more variation in movements and a more well rounded level of Fitness