1100hrs of the 11th Day of the 11th Month – We will Remember

Today is Remembrance Day, a day we stop and pause to remember all those who have passed in service of our country.

CrossFit follows a tradition to honour those who have lost their life with a WOD dedicated in their name. Todays WOD is MAXTON, named after Maxton Soviak a US Navy Corpsman who was killed at Abbey Gate of Hamid Karzi Airport on 26/8/2021. The 13 Rounds recognise the 13 soldiers who lost their life and the rep scheme represent the date of which they died.  Australian soldiers stood side by side with the US at Abbey Gate only hours before the IED attack. Below is a description of that day by a fellow Navy Corpsman who was present when Maxton was killed.


“About our 6th day at Abbey gate. We we’re running an orphanage that morning. Our dudes kept pulling kids out of the canal where the Afghans were crowding to get into Abbey gate to avoid them being crushed. The corpsmen being the Jack of all trades took too making sure the kids were taken care of transferred to the right place.

We we’re briefed of the potential IED threat that entire day. CCP was set up about 100 meters down from the canal prepared for the mass cas. The sun was starting to go down, we were about to get relieved by the 82nd. Echo, Fox, and Golf had been doing rotations on the front. When the explosion happened it was Golf 1st platoon on the canal. The 2 HM’s for that platoon were Max and Hollingsworth. It was a shitty day and that IED happened. I never thought I would be put in a situation like this.”

                                                                                                                                                                       – Mathew Garcia