Week three of the CrossFit Open was a test on strength and two high skill gymnastics movements. Most of us have walked away from 20.3 with a weaknesses highlighted. It maybe that your gymnastics game was down, not being able to complete the high skill movement or your strength in a low skill heavy demand movement let you down. Either way 20.3 got me thinking on where we go from here and how do we best prepare for the 2021 Open. I know we still have 2 weeks left and everyone is doing amazing, do not let it get you down but as a coach I can not help mapping out a plan that will bring improvements for next year. One of the great things about the Open is that it highlights areas for improvement. We all know our areas now and its time to make our weaknesses strengths.

In two weeks time we will be finished 20.5 and the 2020 CrossFit Open.Then it is ten and half months to prepare for 2021. An Olympian will prepare for FOUR years in the lead up to the Olympic Games, comparing that to the time frame that we have, ten and a half months is not a long time. An Olympian will be focused on a single event for four years, just imagine how hard that would be to stay on track and to not lose sight of your goals. After the past six Opens I have finished with a list of movements I want to improve on, I will be more motivated than ever. Then after a few months of training I lose sight and head off track. The following Open my improvements are very minor, if any at all. The most frustrating thing is my strong points improve and my weak points, the ones that I said I will focus on, stay the same. Over the ten and half months of preparation I slowly focus on the movements I’m good at and forget about the ones that need improvement. What I need is someone to help me set goals and map out my journey to reach them. What I need is a coach.

I am planning out our next 10 months for Daylesford CrossFit and we are starting the week after the Open. I have decided the best place to start, which is the best place anybody should start on a fitness journey and that is with nutrition. Coach Glassman placed Nutrition at the base of the Fitness pyramid for a reason, it is the most important. It is more important than our body weight/gymnastics movements, weightlifting movements or conditioning. It is the base, because it brings the best results to any level of athlete and if you are leaving it out you are holding yourself back.

For this reason our focus towards the 2021 Open will start with Nutrition coaching. I will be bringing in some help to take baseline body composition measurements using an Inbody scanner. The Inbody scanner is a great tool for tracking progress. Many CrossFit boxes have there own Inbody scanner and swear by them. Unfortunately they are a very expensive peace of equipment and purchasing one for Daylesford CrossFit is out of the question, but luckily Ashley Cox from Body Fit Geelong will be coming up to take our measurements and then retesting after 6 weeks.


We also now have 5 new WODS that can be retested after 6 weeks of Nutrition coaching, which will support Coach Glassman Fitness hierarchy. I am very confident that scores will be smashed and no matter what your fitness goal is the 6 weeks will be the best way to start.

What the six weeks will look like is, three one on one sessions, six group sessions and two Inbody scans. The one on one sessions is to tailor your individual program. You will have a Initial goal setting session at the start, a midway session to keep you on track and a final session at the end of the six weeks to set you up for success in the future. You will also have access to group information sessions on Wednesday nights that will provide support with your fellow Daylesford CrossFit family members..

Registrations for 6 weeks Nutrition coaching, starting Monday the 11th of November, will be Open soon.