The past 18 months has seen many challenges for the Fitness Industry and for all other industries. Business owners have had to make hard decisions, while faced with uncertain futures. In the coming months I believe we will be faced with more challenging decisions, that will impact the future of our businesses and our society. These Decisions could be made easily to go with the majority and feel safe within the pack, the businesses that follow suit may even benefit from it securing a more certain future.

Twelve months ago I was faced with the task to write our values for Daylesford CrossFit. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. The values of the gym are there to help strengthen the culture and to give guiding principles for future decisions. I thought long and hard about the culture that evolved over the three years and come up with;


CrossFit is for anybody and everybody that walks through the door is made to feel included.


Fitness should be fun. If it isn’t fun why would we do it? Having fun is our focus and a must.


Everyone is greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome.


A humble gym and a humble community.


Now there is one Value that I can see being challenged in near future and that is INCLUSIVE. When writing my values I defined what inclusive meant to me, but since found a better definition. The definition I like most comes from Athena Parez, who fights for Inclusiveness to Larger Bodied Athletes in CrossFit Affiliates.

“Inclusion means that everyone is able to take part in the same activities, enjoy the same experience and have the same access to opportunities.” 

For a while I questioned having this as a value because I thought to be truely Inclusive you don’t have to say it. Inclusive should be a given. But a wise person pointed out to me that by having it as a value will keep you accountable to it. I now realise this is an integral value of our gym and if I dig deep within my own personal values, this is a value that defines me as a person. I would never intentionally treat a person differently based on their own personal beliefs.

I want everyone to know that no matter what the future holds for our society I will stay firm on my values. I will not treat anyone different and I want everyone to have access to the same opportunities. If that means I lose everything I have worked for, so be it.

I would ask that everyone digs deep within themselves, without the pressures of what is going on around you, without the fear of being excluded, without the fear of getting sick and ask yourself the question, Is equal rights important to me?