One thing that I have learnt since last week, closing the gyms door for the safety of our town, is that I need to be open to excepting people’s help. It is not a strong point of mine and I really struggle with it. The first step to excepting help is to be open and honest, so I thought I would tell the story of Daylesford CrossFit. Not the story I would put on my website, the REAL story, no bullshit.

I started Daylesford CrossFit with the money I had saved in the Army. Deploying over seas aloud me to save and I some how managed to not spend it all on Booz when I got home. It cost around $20,000 to buy the equipment and open the doors.

the first six months we only had 4 sessions a week, Tuesday and Thursday, morning and night. I was working at the Prison doing shift work and that’s all the time my job aloud to run classes. We had 8 members paying $25 per week, it would cover the affiliate fee and electricity bill and the rent I would make up from my prison pay check.

After six months I took a leap and quit my job at the prison. I found full time work as a labourer, which aloud to add more classes and start beginners programs. I slowly built the member base over the next 12 months, from 8 to 18. Then In March 2019 I paid myself the first pay check of $50 a week, after 18 months of volunteer hours I paid myself. I felt guilty for taking It, but stoked I had done it.

Over the past 12 months memberships would go up and down but I managed to build the gym to be able to pay myself $200per week. In Feb 2020 we had 32 hours of classes and coaching, 5 hours of cleaning, 4 hours of programming and schedualing posts, 4 hours of writing and editing blog posts, 4 hours of video shooting and editing and maybe another 6 hours of miscalaniose time before after classes and extra admin. I was putting in about 54 hours per week to Daylesford CrossFit plus mowing lawns and labouring to keep up with house hold bills. Total income $400 to $450 per week for around 60 hours. But I fucking loved it.

Then, March 16th 2020 and we face closure due to the rising global pandemic of COVID-19. I face a decision, close the gym and find a job or fight to keep it going through inevitable closure. I took the risk and went to online training with every thing to loose. it was scary but I could not imagine doing anything else in my life but Coach. Then in complete irony, On March 23rd the Australian Government announced that all businesses forced to close will be able to go onto New Start with a weekly payment of $750 per week. That is nearly double what I was making, working 60 hours per week and I would not have to work one minute. Think of the irony, after 2 and 1/2 years of struggling, COVID-19 has given me a life line. But I would no longer be a coach….. fuck that!!

I choose to coach because I feel lucky that I get the chance to coach and I will never stop being a coach. The same as an artist will always create and a chef will always cook, I will always coach.

The game has changed, but the mission stays the same. Help people build a hedge to defend against chronic disease and unexpected health issues.

We crack on.

Coach Lock