When I left the Army I was little lost, I didn’t know what to do or where I wanted to be. My focused drifted and it took me some time to get back on track.

One of my proudest accomplishments in the Army, I was awarded Student of Merit on my promotion course to Corporal. Me, Lachlan Hawker, Student of Merit. My High School teaches probably would not believe it. I was terrible at School, but once I found something I loved it was easy to dedicate all my efforts to it. Receiving Student of Merit I got a fancy certificate, my name on a trophy and a Book. The book was The Men, The Mission and Me. The author was an American Delta Force commander and it is many short stories of lessons learnt over his time in delta force.

There is one Lesson that has stuck with me. The author highlights major turning points in his life, turning points where he could have gone one way but you went the other, think of fork in the road situations. He calls them patterns of hindsight. If you can think of all these fork in the road situations in your life and then think what lead you in that certain direction. It does not always have to lead to something good, it can be bad. But what you will find is a pattern emerges, a pattern of hindsights.

I joined the Army because I wanted do something for my country. I left the Army because I felt I was getting stagnant and no longer helping people. I found education in health and fitness because I wanted to help people. I went for a job for Correction Victoria because I thought it would be an opportunity to help people that needed it. I left Corrections Victoria because I found it was to hard to help these people in that particular situation. The major turning points in my life, the decision was made around, If I was helping people.


The Mission for Daylesford CrossFit

To make every member happier and healthier humans being apart of the Daylesford CrossFit family.

Our Values


CrossFit is for anybody and everybody that walks through the door is made to feel included.


Fitness should be fun. If it isn’t fun, why would we do it? Having fun is our focus and a must.


Everyone is greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome.


A humble gym and a humble community.