Are you worried about undoing all your hard work?

Do you have a history of blowing out over the Christmas break?

You can enjoy the festive season and not undo all the great progress you have made over 2019. It just takes a little planning and some skillpower. I have outlined five tips on how you can tackle the Christmas break and still go running into 2020.

Now if you have been training and eating clean consistently, Christmas and New Years maybe a great time to take a break and enjoy some cheat days. If you have good nutrition and training and it is a consistent part your life it will be easy to pick back up again come January 2nd. It is great for the soul to enjoy Christmas Day with family and friends and not have to worry about how many grams of carbs you have eaten on the day. You are Crossfitter and you will get back to training and breaking records as soon as the silly season is over, so don’t stress!!!

But if you have been known to blow out and undo your hard work, hear are some tips to get you through.

1. Keep Training

Once your mind switches off from your regular training program, your nutrition is sure to follow. If you keep up with regular training over the festive season, you will be less likely to ditch your healthy nutrition as well. It does not have to be a CrossFit WOD. It could be a run a mobility session, a skill session or a bike ride with your kids. Staying consistent with your training will keep you on track.

2. Have a plan

We know what is coming on Christmas Day it is not a surprise. There will be Pav and pudding and chocolate and cake but if you have a plan set before you turn up to the parties, you can minimize the destruction. It does not have to be a great plan, you don’t have to bring your own food, but if you have some plan in place it is going to help.

3. Limit yourself

You can limit the amount of days that you go off you regular training and Nutrition, so maybe it is only Christmas Day and New Years Eve you allow yourself to eat freely. The rest of your holidays it is training as normal. Or maybe it is the meals on the party days that you limit, so breakfast stays on point no matter what day it is, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years or New Years Day you still have a good healthy breakfast, lunch is a cheat meal and then dinner is back on point too.

4. Pre-Loading

Don’t turn up to the party hungry. If you have a meal or snack before you turn up, you will be less likely to reach for that second slice of pav.

5. Eye Ball

For the Daylesford CrossFit Nutrition nuts, this will be easy. We have spent the last 6 weeks learning about our Macro-Nutrients and have perfected our portion sizes. If you are worried about blowing out over the festive season, keep an eye balled telly of how many Macro’s you have eaten. At the very least keep it balanced, Carbs are going to be the hardest to keep under control, so if finding the carbs racking up on your telly try switch them for high fat and protein snacks, make the cheese, meats and nuts platter your friend.


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