How much effort do you put into your Diet?

Everyday we turn up to a cramped old shed, sometimes in sub zero temperatures and sometimes in above 40 degree temps. We freeze our asses off over the winter and then sweat and go red in the face over summer. We suffer through ripped hands, bruised thighs, grazed shines, DOMs that leave us unable to walk and push our selves to the point we vomit. Ok maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic, but the point is we train hard every day in the pursuit of fitness, but after all this effort how much then goes into what we eat.

How important is Nutrition?

If you look at the CrossFit pyramid of Health, Nutrition holds the big slab across the bottom. Nutrition is more important than Conditioning, more important than gymnastics and you bet more important than weightlifting. Coach Glassman has said that when he was training a new member the first session would be on Nutrition. Before they even picked up a PVC he would be talking about what to eat. Coach has trained world class athletes and is the founder of a training methodology that arguably is the most effective method of training for general all round Health and Fitness. When coach said we need to squat below parallel, or learn to use our body to generate force, or use Olympic weightlifting for strength and conditioning we all followed and have seen the results. But when Coach said “Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds some fruit little starch and NO Sugar. Keep intakes at a level that will support exercise but not body fat.” Well………………………… we leave that part out. There is no doubt in my mind that a healthy diet will bring faster and greater results than any amount of burpees and thrusters you do.

How should I eat for greater performance?

Eat meat vegetables nuts and seeds some fruit little starch and NO sugar. This is the simplest explanation of a healthy diet in a few words. We need to eat a balanced diet of all three macro-nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats). Protein can be easily sourced from animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs and non animal products such as legumes and some grains. Carbohydrates are our Vegetables and fruits. Fats can come from animal products and nuts and seeds. Little starch and No Sugar because the over consumption of refined carbohydrates is putting on the weight and slowing us down. We need to cut out the sugar and if we are serious about our health, then the bread and pasta must go too.


If you are not seeing the results that you want or if you want to see better results, lets start working on this Nutrition part of the pyramid. If you did not read the post in this blog, Healthy Eating Tips check it out now or if you need any help getting started please see me before or after class, shoot me a text, email or DM on social media and I would be happy to get you started.

See link to CrossFit Journal article for a downloadable pdf on the zone diet.