I am excited to announce that Daylesford CrossFit has signed up for CrossFit HQ’s, CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP). Starting this coming Monday 2nd of August we will be following a new program delivered by the CrossFit HQ’s programming team. There will be no change to the way it is delivered, so you will still receive your workout via SugarWOD every morning and your scores will be recorded exactly the same. The changes you may see are ¬†volume of training in the 60 minute class, intensity of the workouts and focus of the program. There will also be a change to the scaling options and the way we scale.

The brains behind CAP are some the most experienced programmers in the CrossFit community. The level of content that will be given to myself and coaches is amazing. Full of progressions, scaling options, warm ups, cool downs and extra skill work. One of these amazing brains behind CAP is James Hobart, a level 4 CrossFit Coach, Seminar staff, Games athlete and affiliate owner. James described his intent for CAP as “We just want to make sure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to programming, implementing your programming and developing coaches. ”



CAP is CrossFit programming and class plans for our gym. We will get seven days of programming with multiple scaling options, delivered weekly and tightly integrated with the CrossFit.com workout of the day and competition schedule. Our Coaches will also get daily class plans complete with coaching notes, warmups, and timelines to help us facilitate the workout of the day. We will also have access to three supplemental workouts per week for members that want to focus on weightlifting, gymnastics, or endurance.

Daylesford CrossFit

Daylesford CrossFit’s mission is to make every member happier and healthier for being apart of the Daylesford CrossFit Family. Through group classes, one on one training and nutrition coaching we provide our members with the best hour of their day right here at Daylesford CrossFit. Our program is measurable, so our members see there improvement as they continue the journey at Daylesford CrossFit.