Meeting for the first time

A new member attends CrossFit, maybe a friend has brought them along after months of begging them to try it or maybe they have seen a post on social media and decided to give it a go. I would say the majority of new members reasons for wanting to start CrossFit is to lose weight, look better and feel healthier. There maybe a more specific reason, like an upcoming wedding or an event they want to look good for or a doctor has told them they have to loose the weight, but overall most of us walk through the door for the same reason, to look better naked. The image we have in our mind of what we should look like has been set over our life time, by what we have seen on T.V or in magazines. We have an image of what a man should look like and what a women should look like. A women has no definition of muscles and very little body fat. A size 6, that is the symbol of feminism and that is the goal, that is what we are after, so “I don’t want muscles and I don’t want to lift heavy weight” but “I am ready to get in the game and meet the right gym for me.”

The Courtship

Getting started into a new exercise program or starting at a new gym has a very low success rate, 67% of people have a gym membership they do not use. That is why most gyms want you to pay up front. They want to lock you into marriage on the first date, Married at Firs Sight MAFS. Because on the first of January of every year there is line of people ready for this new relationship and the gyms are there waiting. Twelve month memberships only $10 a week….. Bargain!!!! Sold!!!! Done!!!!! sign me up. You can train at any hour of the day and any day of the week, we have a cardio section for the ladies and free weights for the men and if you want to tone up a little we have easy to use pin loaded weight machines. Its easy to fall in love, but it is only lust and statistics show it will not last.

The CrossFit gym is a harder sell. The CrossFit gym is your best friends partners best mate, their rough, hard to find, can’t understand them and they look like a lot of hard work. You don’t want to get muscly and you don’t want to lift heavy weight, but everything else has failed so you may as well give it a go, there is no lock in contract and you can pay as you go..

Ok now you are two months into your McFitness 12 month membership and slowly you are drifting apart. The 20 minutes on the tread mill is no longer enjoyable and you dread making the next date. It’s about to be another failed relationship.

In the CrossFit gym, that shabby rough around the edges look, is no longer so bad. Actually you are getting pretty fond of the look and could not imagine going back to the clean cut fella with great presentation but boring as bat shit personality. You have learnt how to do that bar thing above your head and the swingy thingy on the bar. You know how to find the WOD and can now do them push up thingies that you thought you would never be able to do.

This could be love.

Falling in Love

Now you are six months in and you are really getting to know each other, everybody knows your name and they are excited to see you when you walk in the door. You keep getting PR’s on your Oly lifts and can’t wait until the next heavy clean day, your a little bit worried about your snatch but you know you have a great jerk.

Back at McFitness, you have not seen each other in weeks, you talk about catching up but have no intentions on seeing it through. You are still holding on because maybe something may change, you have paid for the year in full and will get back into once you have more time. The reality is that you and your new partner are strangers that never see each other.

In the CrossFit gym you are starting to look at your fellow athletes, with their defined muscles, in admiration. You know what their bodies can do and know what it has taken them to achieve it. You now have a deep respect for the movements you once thought where only for men or butch masculine women.

In it for Life

Could you even imagine sitting on the couch every day and never exercising? No way, it is now and absolute bazaar thought that someone could go a week without doing a WOD. You are not the same with out exercise, you feel lost when you are apart. You can now do things you never thought possible, play sports against women half your age, do a fun run………… just for fun!!!! carry your kids up that hill at the end of your street, move the heavy bench the men said not to lift when packing up at the School fate. You are now strong, proud and extremely healthy. Your view on what women and men should look like has done a 360 and the trajectory of your life, your kids life and even your grand kids has been sent on a different path. Imagine if you never started CrossFit you granddaughter may have grown up still thinking that a women can’t be strong and that men are there to protect them.

Thankfully you met the right gym.