Tia is a single and beautiful young lady from Drummed Victoria. She works a full time job in charge of the Victorian Governments Fruit Fly eradication program. She spends time travelling the state for work, all across northern Victoria. She has a hidden secret as qualified pastry chef and the cake she made for Ann’s Birthday party is still hands down the best cake I have ever eaten.

Tia was one of the founding members of Daylesford CrossFit and the first member that turned up with no exercise background at all. Tia had texted me inquiring about CrossFit and warned that she was out of shape and had not exercised since playing Netball a few years back. I prepared a very easy workout for her 5 Rounds of 5 Bar Rows 10 Push Ups and 15 Sit Ups all body weight movements and easily scalable for any ability. Well I thought I had nearly killed her, I remember going home to Paulz devastated that I had made the workout to hard and she was not coming back. Sometimes you just know that this person ain’t coming back. Well I underestimated Tia and for anyone that knows her now, probably can’t believe this story is true……….. 2 and half years ago, TIA! struggled to do a scaled sit up.

Its now May 2020 and Tia has been doing CrossFit for 2 and half years. She can do strict pull ups, run 5km’s, sit ups as fast as the Flash and is a STRONG POWERFUL WOMEN. Tia consistently turns up to training and because of her consistency and hard work she would be one of the fittest ladies in Daylesford. Bring me your fittest and I will prove it.

Isolation has not been a challenge for Tia, she was quick to set up a home gym in her shed and does not miss a workout. Tia does extra work on top of what I give her everyday. When ever she finds a weakness, she will work on it until it is a strength.

We are all proud of our Tia

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