Bec is a mother of three kids,two boys aged 8 and 10 and one 13 year old girl. Bec works as receptionist for the local Dentist in town. Bec grew up in Daylesford, she loves going to the footy and spending time with her Kids. On her weekends, Bec cleans her elderly Neighbours house and her kids take the bins out for others on their road. They live by the ethos of doing things for others, not for glorification, but because it is the right thing to do.

Bec Started CrossFit January 2019.

Before Bec started at Daylesford CrossFit her exercise regime was a brand new rower sitting in her shed gathering dust untouched from they day she bought it. I met Bec at the Glenlyon Sports Day on New Years Day 2019. I was a few beers into a beautiful sunny day in Glenlyon and had the confidence to promote Daylesford CrossFit to a group of local ladies as we watched the Mineral Water Sculling Comp. Bec grilled me on what I was about and how I could make her fit without having to work hard at all, it was tough order but I was up for it. It may have been the confidence of a few beers or Maybe it was the efforts of Amy, a Daylesford Crossfit member who was on the back of the truck smashing the Sculling comp, but Bec agreed she was going to give CrossFit a go.

Twelve months later and Bec was still training at Daylesford CrossFit, she was a new women to the one I met on the 1st Jan 2019. Bec started off 2020 like a bull out of the gates. She was training hard, eating well and seeing the results. Then late March, Corona sent us all into ISO, Bec was devo!!!!! she said to me “I don’t want to go backwards, I have to maintain my fitness.” my response was “Your going to come out of ISO fitter than ever.”

After 9 weeks of Daylesford CrossFit members training at home, we finally caught up for a workout at Vic Park. As I explained the workout I could see the look of defeat on Becs face. Two by 800m Sprints!!!! I could not have picked a harder workout for Bec if I tried. She is not a runner, she hates running and normally 200m would be her limit. Well 9 weeks of ISO and this lady is killing it, not only is it a huge achievement to just run 800m but she done it at great pace.

Congratulations to our amazing Bec.

No ISO bods here.