“You should be preparing for COVID like you would prepare for a 10km Run.”

578 Days has past since we went into our first lockdown to slow the spread of COVID 19. Australia and New Zealand have been very successful in eliminating the spread. Social Distancing, Border Closers, Stay at home orders, contact tracing, Hotel and home Quarantine have all proven to be successful measures in eliminating COVID 19. However the times are now a changing and the tactics of dealing with COVID 19 will also be changing.

As Australian moves from an elimination tactic to a tactic of suppression, the possibility of you be exposed to COVID 19 will increase. It may not be in the next three weeks, it may not be in the next 3 months, but one day you could be exposed to the virus and the only way to avoid it completely is to stay at home and hope the virus dies off.

The question we all need to ask our selves is, How well have you prepared?

You have had 578 Days to improve your health and improve your ability to fight off viral infections, are you ready?

More now than ever you should be striving to be in peak performance of your life.

The Australian government has quit literally bought you 578 Days to prepare, have you used your time wisely?


  • Exercise
  • Eat Real Food
  • Drink Water and Only Water
  • No Sugar
  • Get Sunlight
  • Minimum 8 Hours Sleep every night
  • Relax
  • Be Kind

* This prescription can be refilled as required.

*Daylesford CrossFit does not take any responsibility for your health, your health is your health.Get After It