Recently I was in a No Sweat Intro with a new Family Member of Daylesford CrossFit. As we where going through their goals, weight loss and feeling better, they remarked on how two years of lock downs and unhealthy eating has placed them in sluggish routine and are in need of change.

They then hit me with a question I have not had before, “How long do I need to be doing CrossFit for?” I new exactly what they meant, will I be all fixed in 3 months, 6 months, 2 years and what they REALLY meant was “how long do I need to be doing CrossFit, until I don’t have to do it anymore?” or is this a quick fix?

My response was instant and maybe too instant. I probably should have thought about a better response before I blurting it out. Being too honest is something that I am known for, as well as not sugar coating things. Like retuning on a serve, straight back at them as fast as they had finished their question.

New Member: “How long do I need to be doing CrossFit for?”

Me: “Until the day you die”

Their face dropped, imagine that, as you are looking for the quick easy fix to a problem and then getting told you will have to do this hard scary thing “CrossFit” until the day you carck it. I am sure their first thought was “right, no thanks”

My Mission

I then explained, That my personal goal is for every member of Daylesford CrossFit to be doing “CrossFit” to the day the day they die. It may not be at Daylesford CrossFit, it may not even be at an Affiliate or a gym, but my goal is that on the day you die you have done your own WOD scaled to your own ability, then pass peacefully in your sleep. I hope to have passed on enough information, technique and motivation to keep you living the “CrossFit” lifestyle to the end of your days, with or without me.

We can and should exercise to the day we die.

This is the cure to the worlds most vexing health problem.

Coach Lock

The CrossFit Lifestyle

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grilled broccolini and avocado

Morning Work Out: 3 Rounds – 200m Walk along beautiful beach. 10 Sit to Stands off a park bench. 15 Push Ups off the back off the bench.

Lunch: Chicken ceasor salad

Afternoon Mobility: 20mins of gentle Yoga

Dinner: Grilled lamb Kabobs