There are some foods that I have learnt it is best to avoid. Some of them have been apart of my staple diet in the past. This lead to training twice a day working it off and never seeing any of my workout stats improve. The only problem I now have with my diet is not eating enough and being to lean. Some people may think this is a great problem to have, because you could then eat as much of these foods as you want, but I know if I eat the foods on this list regularly, it will lead to a decrease in health and worse a decrease in fitness.

#1 Sugary Drinks

High sugar drinks like soft drink, cordial and fruit juice are the easiest way to spike insulin and blood sugar levels. For this reason I avoid all sweet drinks, this includes Gatorade and Powerade. I know big name celebrities and athletes have been paid to tell us that we need to drink them, but they are really just a cordial with a funny name. High sugary drinks is the easiest way to increase blood sugar levels and gain weight, for this reason I avoid them

#2 Pasta

When ever I eat pasta, I am left feeling bloated and lethargic. The reason being pasta is a very high GI carbohydrate. GI is the Glycemic Index and basically measures how quickly our body turns carbohydrates into sugar. Not only is pasta high GI, it is also dense in Carbohydrates, so you are eating a lot of Carbs that your body breaks down into sugar quickly. I love pasta and was once under the impression that we needed lots of Carbs and I would eat lots of pasta to satisfy my love for it and thought it was helping fuel my body. Now not eating pasta, I never feel bloated or lethargic and I am not training twice a day to stay lean.

#3 Rice

This is for the same reason as pasta, I am not a huge fan of rice so it was easy to ditch.

#4 Breakfast cereal

I am going to be very honest, they are all crap!!!! Rice bubbles, Corn Flakes, Special K, Wheatbix, Nutrigrain and any other sugar covered high processed grain has no Nutritional value at all. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I would never waist that meal with a breakfast cereal. Eat real whole foods and most importantly at breakfast time

#5 Low Fat Yogurt

This was the most obvious mistake I have made in the past, thinking low fat is good for you. We need fats they are good for us! the norm is starting to change and we now hear
the words good fats and bad fats. All natural fats are good for us this includes saturated fats from animal products. When they take the fats out of a product like yogurt they replace it with sugar because if they did not, it would taste like crap. Don’t be fooled by low fat yogurt or low fat anything. Fats are good, enjoy them, we need them.

This is what I found over the past 14 years of training on a daily basis. I wish I had of known them earlier, I am sure my fitness would have gone to another level if I had. But we can only fix what is a head of us.

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