Before Coach Tia and Teegs joined our team I was coaching every class. It worked out to be a very long day and sometimes hard to fit in my own workout. When Coach Tia started I was pumped to one day have the opportunity to be home with Paulz and Betty for dinner. Tia started off coaching the Tuesday and Thursday 6pm class, which would allow me to go home early. The first few weeks I joined in on Tia’s classes to help develop her skills as a coach. She nailed it!!! and did not need me there long. I was pumped! I could go home early, but……………. I didn’t.

The funny thing I found was, even though I was burnt out and so tired from a long day, participating in the 6pm class was actually what I needed. If I left the gym early I would still go home tired and burnt out, sloth on the couch and complain about how tired I was, I would still be of no benefit to my family. After a CrossFit class run by Coach Tia and the awesome 6pm peeps, I now go home at 7pm full of energy and ready to spend an hour playing hide and seek with Betty before putting her to bed.

It reminded my of something I had forgotten, CrossFit makes me better. Not just a healthier, but better. It makes me a better Dad, a better husband, a better friend and a better coach.

That one hour a day is enough for me to switch off, work on myself and feel good about who I am.

I was not missing more time in my day, I was missing that 1 hour to work on me, under the guidance of a coach and the support from my mates at Daylesford CrossFit.

Thanks Coach Tia

Thank you Daylesford CrossFit

From Coach Lock



We are a social group and we are a tribe of people working to improve our health. The members of Daylesford CrossFit are everyday people who have decided to work on them selves.

Daylesford CrossFit is a family.

What is more important than the tool of CrossFit is the people around us.