I would like to introduce you to an Affiliate owner, Athena Parez who is fighting for every CrossFitter. The importance of her story goes along with the importance of her fight. Athena’s story represents many other CrossFitters stor and understanding that will you understand why her fight is so important. In 2018 CrossFit released this 10 minute documentary on Athena’s fitness story.

I have watched the video at least 10 times and every time in brings tears to my eyes. What she has been through is  rough, but what gets me is her resolve. Watch this video first and then continue on reading.


Athena is now a proud affiliate owner of ScaledNation CrossFit.

When she is not helping people crushing their goals Athena is fighting Apparel companies who do not supply plus size apparel. When I first read a post from Athena on this topic, In my mind I sided with the apparel company. I have been through the process of purchasing T-Shirts for my affiliate 3 times now and it is never easy. The first time I purchased affiliate shirts I made sure to supply the largest sizes I could, for the same reasons Athena is fighting for. I wanted to be here for everyone, I wanted every member to feel apart of the family and I wanted make sure no one was left out. All the larger shirts never sold, I still have them, so I can see why clothing apparel companies are reluctant to supply plus size fitness apparel. Unfortunately it comes down to dollars, if they do not sell the company has to either up prices or take the loss.

I had a cognitive bias on the issue. It has taken me some time, but thanks to Athena what I am now learning is that the issue is more important than dollars and it is the exact reason why I get up at 5am every morning.

Being apart of the CrossFit family means something, well actually it means a fucking lot!! So every member, every person that walks in that door will be included to our family. Inclusion means that everyone is able to take part in the same activities, enjoy the same experience and have the same access to opportunities.

Below is a series of social media posts that explain the story I have been following. Thanks to Athena I continue to be educated on the roadblocks I can place in the way of someone starting their fitness journey.






CrossFit Games Volunteer T-Shirts



No Bull Releases CrossFit Apparel Line

Athena’s Fight Continues



“I thought it was all about weight loss, it wasn’t until I really got into it that I realised it’s not a weight loss journey it is a journey of figuring out who you are, what you like, what you are capable of, overcoming all the shit you spent decades telling yourself”

Athena Parez.