CrossFit Kids is a General Physical Preparedness Program (GPP) A program that trains kids for overall fitness and prepares them for any task. The goal of CrossFit Kids is to prepare children for the physical demands that life may throw at them, without specialising in one are. We program for the 10 Physical Adaptations of fitness, with the intent of build balance across all 10. A sports specific program will focus on specific areas, leaving weakness’s in others.

The 10 Physical Adaptations

Cardiovascular Endurance,








Agility and



A sports specific program will specialize in a time frame and domain. A marathon runner will focus training in the physical adaptations of cardiovascular endurance and stamina but will have poor strength and power. A strongman athlete will have great strength and power but maybe lacking in stamina and cardiovascular endurance. Specializing in one area will always be a sacrifice of another. The CrossFit Kids program is a balance across all 10 adaptations.


When I first certified for my CrossFit level 1 trainer course in 2013, the teaching was that a CrossFit athlete will never be the best in the world in a specific sport. The best CrossFit athlete will be good at everything but could never be the best at one sport. When I re-certified in 2018 this was no longer the case. Australia’s very own Tia Clare Toomey had won the 2018 CrossFit Games and won Gold at the Commonwealth Games in Olympic Weightlifting in the very same year. The CrossFit program had proven its teachings wrong and an athlete that trains in General Physical Preparedness could be greater than we have ever expected.

Tia-Clair Toomey started CrossFit as an adult and has proven the program to be more effective than ever perceived possible. I believe over the next 5 years we are going to see young CrossFit athletes that have come up through, the CrossFit Kids program and Brand X program, not only compete at the elite CrossFit level but also in a variety of sports. We may see a athlete win gold on the gymnastics rings one day, win gold on Olympic Weightlifting platform the next and finish up with gold in the pool.

Remember that CrossFit once thought their own program could never produce a champion across multiple sports and then 5 years later proved them selves wrong.

Our Kids could prove the world wrong again.

Coach Lock