For anyone on social media that follows CrossFit related pages, athletes and companies, you may have seen posts of disproval for CrossFit CEO Gregg Glassman comments. I have been following threads and watching closely on this topic for the past 4 days and it is a topic that I feel deeply about. I do not understand it fully, maybe because I am across the other side of the world or maybe because I am by all means White Privileged , but I do understand that this is an important topic and is going to change the company and the sport for ever.

I am going to try and break down the events piece by piece and keep an unbiased stance.

Wednesday 3rd June

CrossFit affiliate owner Alyssa Royse of Rocket CrossFit in Seattle USA, emails CrossFit HQ staff. It was a very long email that could be summarised down to her unhappiness with CrossFit HQ inactivity on the topic of the Black Lives Matter movement across the world. “Don’t be fooled into thinking that silence is anything other than support for the status quo, nestled in cowardice.” Alyssa touches on many other topics but the overall message is that CrossFit HQ is not aliened with her values and she planned for her gym to discontinue their affiliation with CrossFit.

Friday 5th June

CrossFit CEO Gregg Glassman responds to Alyssa with a very short and direct email. Calling her “delusional” and said “You’re doing your best to brand us (CrossFit HQ) as racists and you know its bullshit. That makes you a really shitty person. Do you understand that? You have let your politics wrap into something that strikes me as wrong to the point of being evil” Glassman finished the email with “I am ashamed of you”

Saturday 6th June

CrossFit media post on the CrossFit and CrossFit Games facebook page for the first time since the murder of George Floyd on the topic of Black Lives Matter. Their post calls for the community to discuss how CrossFit can support the black community in CrossFit. They receive an overwhelming amount of responses of disapproval. “To little to late” is a message repeated over from CrossFitters. Another opinion repeated is CrossFit affiliates in the USA are made up of an overwhelming majority of white Americans, due to the high price of gym memberships and geographical locations.

Sunday 7th June

CrossFit CEO Gregg Glassman comments on his personal Twitter account on a post by the Institute of Health and Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). The original post was “Racism is a Public Health Issue” Gregg Glassman commented “Its FLOYD-19” a vague response and it was unsure of what he meant and sent the CrossFit community into a spin.

Monday 8th June

CrossFit CEO comments again on the same Twitter thread from the IHME. The CrossFit CEO adds more context to his opinion on their post of “Racism is a Public Health Issue”. Adding blame to the IMHE for the COVID 19 pandemic “your failed model quarantined us” referring to the state of American population’s health resulting in the need for quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic and goes on to say “quarantine alone is accompanied in every age and under all political regimes by an undercurrent of suspicion distrust and riots” again pushing blame towards the IMHE.

Now this is my personal opinion and I am maybe interpreting Glassman’s comments wrong but the the way I understand his views is. IMHE have led to the American peoples overall health decline, resulting in the need for quarantine against COVID-19. Quarantine has then escalated a mistrust and anger towards the American government resulting in riots over the brutal murder of George Floyd.

Monday 8th June

Athletes, CrossFit HQ staff, Affiliates and Companies condemned Gregg Glassman’s comments and draw them selves away from the Brand CrossFit.

This continues as a I write this post and will continue for some time. I just wanted to offer the facts towards what is happening in the CrossFit community. Games athletes have become very influential people within our community and before you side with your favourite athlete you should really understand what has happened.

CrossFit HQ and Gregg Glassman are still yet to decisively make any statement on their stance on racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

I sit waiting and hopeful