In the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic a discussion come up in my home that divided the house. At that point in time it was a controversial topic and was maybe to early to discuss. Nutrition and Health is like religion everyone has their views and it can sometimes create heated debate. In a nut shell the debate was, Is the world facing a COVID 19 problem or is COVID 19 highlighting our Metabolic disease problem.


A report done by the CDC COVID 19 response team, has been released by the CDC. The report was done on data taken from hospitals across the US on reported cases of COVID 19 between the dates of February12 and March 28. A total 122,653 cases where reported to the CDC with 2,112 resulting in death. The report found that 94% of deaths from COVID 19 the patients had 1 or more underlying health condition. This is a trend that has been seen around the world and has highlighted people that are venerable to this virus.

The 5 Buckets of DEATH

On the CrossFit MD Level 1 for health practitioners, a presentation is given on the 5 Buckets of Death. Causes of death are broken up into 5 categories, Microbic (Bugs, viruses, bacteria) Genetic (Hemophelia, Cystic Fibrosis, Type 1 Diabetes) Kinetic (car accident, gun shot, falls), Chronic Disease (Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Liver Disease, Cancer) and Toxic (poison, snake bite) Out of the 5 Buckets of death 94% of deaths from COVID 19 the patients also had an illness from the Chronic Disease Bucket. The Chronic disease bucket is filled with illnesses that are 100% preventable. If the 94 % of COVID 19 deaths had prevented their Chronic Disease would have they died?

Australia’s Health

The Australian Berue of Statistics reported on the 2017-2018 census, 67% of Australians are over weight, 31% being obese. One of the larger risk factors for severe cases of COVID 19. For men the percentage is 74.5% overweight and Women 59.1%. These are alarming statistics to me and made me think of CrossFits Sickness – Wellness – Fitness continuum. A measure of Health can be done by the Sickness – Wellness – Fitness continuum and is one of CrossFit’s methods of measuring Fitness. Taking in for account someones health markers, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, VO2Max, Blood glucose and insulin resistance, triglycerides, Cholesterol, Body Fat and what ever else you can measure a humans health by. On one side of the continuum we have sickness, with health markers that would be a (at risk area), in the middle we have wellness (the average) and across to the right we have fitness (the athletes, the live to 100, the never get sick.) The further we can all be across to the right the more healthier our population is, the further we all are to the left the more exposed we are to Health pandemics like COVID 19.

Now I am not on the point of view that we should all take our masks off, stop washing our hands, start hugging old people and go back to travelling around the world. I do think we should be talking about how we can prevent this from happening again and reduce the death rate we may see from this pandemic, by improving our health. If we are willing to distance our selves from loved ones, slow educations, except a rise in child molestation and domestic abuse, shouldn’t we also except the fact that our unhealthy lifestyles have escalated this problem. If COVID 19 went through a community with no Chronic Disease, potentially the virus would have been unnoticeable.

It is hard to except responsibility and easier to think that it is not my fault, it is just that I am over 65 or I am male.

I like Charles Barkleys response “It is time to start taking responsibility.” You do not have to be at risk you can control your weight you can move from sickness to wellness and across to fitness and I am here to help.

Coach Lock