This week we celebrate another year of fitness, as Daylesford CrossFit turns Three. Twelve months ago I wrote one of my very first posts, 2 Years of Fitness. As I read back over that post I remember the uncertainty I had that Daylesford CrossFit would continue. I was only hopeful and what kept me going was the members around me. It felt like a battle of wills, every time I was about to give up I would get a message, a thank you or someone would achieve a goal that would make me realise that I could not give up. This year I am not going to dwell on what is, there are to many negatives, but I will focus on the next 3 years.

My Vision for Daylesford CrossFit, July 2023

When you walk into our new box at its new location, there are photos and memories surrounding you. Group photos from past events; T-Shirts from old competitions; trophies from in-house comps; medallions from past marathons and fun runs; posters of local athletes; flags from visiting countries and logos of visiting boxes. It is a museum of the Daylesford CrossFit history that celebrates all of our successes. It feels cosy and welcoming with your own gear storage area, couches, coffee bar and an arear to warm up. You turn up to class 15 minutes early so you can cheer on the Youth program who are finishing their WOD. The athletic abilities of our youth raises a sense of jealousy-: that they have found CrossFit at such a young age. Then a sense of pride takes over, as you realise that your box has opened so many doors for these kids’ future. You also arrive early to chat and catch up with your crew. You cannot wait to hear about their day and unload from yours. The warm up/ waiting area is a mix between a lounge room and home gym. You mobilize, stretch and chat while waiting for the previous class to clear the floor. When you step out onto the gym floor, it feels like you are stepping out onto an arena, the opposing walls are a stone’s throw away. You laugh and joke as you view over the WOD results from the days classes. The 6am class, the 9:30am Mums class, the mid-day lunch breakers and Private Trainers throughout the day. You marvel at the achievements of these adaptive athletes who have tackled the same WOD as you are about to do and are amazed by what they can do. The equipment is neatly stored in precise order from lightest to heaviest, going up in tiny increments so you never feel pressured to lift more than you can. There is more than enough equipment for all and you never have to share. There are rowers, assault bikes, ski ergs and GHD’s lined up in a neat row. climbing ropes, foam boxes, peg boards -: all the things you once saw Games athletes use and only wished you could train with. You tell stories of the good old days at 21 Raglan street, where the gym was bright as hell on one side, dark on the other and the roof had more leaks than the ABC. After class you hang around and practice your handstand walks on the other side of the gym not interfering with the next class. You head by the large change rooms on the way out and say goodbye to a few training mates, before leaving to the well-lit carpark to head home. Finishing your day with the best hour at your home away from home, Daylesford CrossFit.

Cheers to another three years.