I was lucky enough to be recommended the Netflix documentary, The Barkley Marathons. Amy one of our amazing athletes shared the link to our internal group encouraging us all to watch this amazing doco. I read the bio of the documentary and got the gist, it was about an extremely hard and secrete ultra marathon. A drew a picture in my mind of, the elite of the elite meeting at a secrete location to figure out who is the ultimate runner. The reality of this doco was completely different, but in other ways exactly spot on. The athletes where not over paid pin ups for Billion dollar sporting attire companies. There was no prize money or trophy at the end. Only 11 people have ever finished and most who attend have no intentions of finishing, but they are all there for the one reason, the challenge.

Last year I was asked to help out the local reserve Aussie Rules footy side. I had not played football in 8 years and had not even watched a game on T.V in 5 years. After returning from Afghanistan I could not stand the sport and the idea that our society idealizes these athletes as heroes for being good at chasing a ball around a paddock. But the challenge of returning to a sport I now knew nothing about enticed me. I returned to the game with a cocky attitude that I would runs rings around the competition and the fitness that CrossFit had given me would make it easy, I was wrong! I felt fit, I felt strong, but the challenge of physical a competition I was not prepared for. It takes something extra than fitness to rise to a physical challenge that will test your will against an opponent.

Mental health in our community is becoming a bigger concern each year. Factors like social media and the rise of pharmaceutical treatments could be some of the cores. But I also believe we are no longer being physically challenged. CrossFit is a form of physical challenge, especially for someone who has not exercised before. But once you have done a WOD a day for a year, the challenge is gone, it quickly becomes just training. We are designed to hunt and gather our food, fight off predators and rival tribes, now we can have food delivered to our door with the click of a few button. Our fighting is done behind a keyboard on social media platforms, which only leaves both parties feeling depressed and angry. We can spend months and years of our lives with out facing a single physical challenge. If our will is never tested life becomes slow and mundane.

How often are you challenging yourself? When was the last time you done something where the risk of failure outweighed the possibilities of success? If a WOD a day is no longer a challenge, if you no longer get the butterflies in your stomach before 3 2 1 go, what’s your next challenge.

What should you do?

First watch the Barkley Marathons. See preview and link to Netflix



Once you have watched the Barkley Marathons you will be pumped and ready for your next challenge.

Try a CrossFit Comp

Event : The PerFit Throwdown

When : Saturday 7th December

Where: Perfit CrossFit Ballarat

Details: Individual CrossFit comp for Intermediates, advanced and, masters



Event: CrossFit Open

When: Friday October 11th for 5 weeks

Where: Daylesford CrossFit

Details: This is the largest fitness comp in the world. Each week a WOD will be released online for the world to complete and you have 4 days to complete the WOD and post your score.


Strongman Comp

Event: Battle of Ballarat

When: Sunday 24th of Novemeber

Where: Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Details: This is a Mixed Pairs (Male & Female) Strongman Comp. The event is held at the Ballarat Spring Fest.



Marathon Run

Event: Melbourne Marathon

When: Sunday 13th of October

Where: Melbourne CBD

Details: 42.2km Melbourne Marathon
21.1km Sri Lankan Airlines Half Marathon
ASICS 10km Run
Westin 5km Run
3km Walk


Event: Gold Rush Trail Run

When: Saturday December 17th

Where: Daylesford

Details: This is a trail run along the great dividing trail opions of 24km – 13km – 6km


Event: Foam Fest

When: Saturday 30th November

Where: Myrniong Victoria

Details: This is a 5km fun run with some wet and soapy obstacles.