The Open is an online competition that sees hundreds of thousands of people from around the world compete in the sport of fitness. Athletes are required to register via the CrossFit Games website for a small fee of $20 US. For 5 weeks a single workout will be released at 12pm AEDT and athletes will have until the following Tuesday at 12pm, to complete the workout and upload their scores for validation. Scores can be validated by the athlete completing the workout at a CrossFit affiliate or by uploading a video online. Each workout, athletes are given a score by where they finished on the world wide leader board. For example if an athlete finished 10th they will be given a score of 10 points. At the end of the 5 weeks the athlete with the lowest score is the winner. Every country with an athlete that completes the Open, will have their champion represent the country at the CrossFit Games.

Daylesford CrossFit members will be completing the Open workouts on Friday Nights, 5 hours after the workout is released. The Open brings us all together side by side, the 6am with 5pm and the 9thirty expresses. We all come together on Friday Nights to celebrate our new found fitness and the achievements we have accomplished. Athletes will push them selves beyond a regular workout out to test what they can really do. We will cheer each other on until we are red in the face, hoping that our workout mate will get their new personal record (PR). Athletes abilities do not matter, a veteran crossfitter could be going for a new PR lift of 100kg right beside a brand new 54 year old grandma crossfitter going for a new PR of 17kg. Everyone will be screaming on the grandma twice as loud. The kids will be riding their bikes up and down the hill, occasionally checking in to see if Mum has finished her workout. Each Friday Night Lights is finished with a cold beer over a BBQ and long conversations on how hard the workout was. We are lucky that each week will bring a new friend. A fellow crossfitter in town on holidays and desperate for a CrossFit gym to complete the WOD. The stranger will soon becomes one of us, apart of the Daylesford CrossFit family.

The open is my favorite time of year. Not because of the competition, I am really just competing against my self from last year, and I am also competing against my future self, I cant let that smug bustard have it easy. But what makes it so great is watching the people around me do well. Ever year there will be a first pull up, first double under, first toe to bar and the gym will erupt in excitement.


Last thought heading into the Open, my favorite CrossFit quote from Pat Sherwood. Pat Sherwood is an ex Navy Seal, 2009 CrossFit games veteran, worked on Level 1 Seminar Staff, CrossFit.com programmer and now on the Seminar Staff running CrossFit Level 1 Trainer courses for Medical Physicians. Pat explains CrossFit as;

“The goal is to get fit. Make it the best hour of your day. Turn up the music. High five some people and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax, have fun, workout.”