Last Sunday morning I was taking the opportunity to catch up on the news. A segment came on the with the author and journalist Rick Morton. The segment was about the Aussie Saying, “A Fair Go”. Rick defined the saying as “That if you have a shot at something, then all things being equal, you will succeed” His narrative was, it is not true and that in Australian society it comes down to luck and circumstances, not everyone gets “A Fair Go”


It really hit a spot with me, because it is something that I had been thinking about over the past few weeks.

I once had the thought that I was Lucky. I guess it was placed in my mind when people close to me would say the fortunes that I come across where from luck. It got to the point where I was told, you are lucky so much, I had a regular response ” I am always Locky”. Now that I am getting a little older I have come to the realisation that it is bullshit and luck has had nothing to do with it.

As a teenager I worked every weekend and saved my money. When I was to young to work, I bought chickens with my birthday money and sold their eggs. Before I finished school I had made the decision to join the army, because I was terrible at school and the wage of an apprentice was a joke. When I got to my unit in the Army, I wanted to be on the next deployment to Iraq, I worked hard and I went. When I got back from Iraq I wanted to go to Afghanistan, I worked and I went. Everything I accomplished I said I would do, luck had nothing to do with it. It all come down to hard work.

Lately I have been using this thought of, I am lucky, as motivation. I use a sarcastic humour to find motivation on days that I am tiered, had enough and would rather be on the couch watching Netflix. I think to myself, here I am again Sunday morning at 8am heading to the hardware store, BEING LUCKY. Here I am again out wheelbarrowing rocks in the rain, BEING LUCKY. Here I am gasping for air on my fourth round of 800m sprints, BEING LUCKY. Or here I am up at 4:30am writing blog posts, BEING LUCKY.

The truth is everyone does get a fair go. The ones that call you lucky are the ones who spend 12 hours over the weekend watching Netflix. They don’t put skin in the game and see everyone else’s fortune as luck. It is a bullshit, lazy, loser mentality. Only losers sit back and complain about their circumstances. Only losers say they are not where they ought to be because of how they grew up.

Now, I am not that naive to think there are not exceptions to this. There are people who have been given the rough end of the stick and at no fault of their own are disadvantaged. I have seen this working in a Prison and working with our adaptive athletes. Sometimes peoples circumstances are not fair and can easily bee seen as not getting “A Fair Go” But, even with their disadvantages they can’t let Rick Morton’s loser mentality sink in.

I think Rick Mortan has defined the saying wrong. The saying “A Fair Go” doesn’t guarantee success and it doesn’t guarantee you are going to start off with anything. It is our version of, The Pursuit of Happiness, found in the American constitution. It doesn’t guarantee you will succeed, but if you don’t have a crack, then you will end up like all the other losers sitting on the couch watching Netflix all weekend.

If you want a “Fair Go” you gotta put some skin in the game and have a crack.

Get after it and GET LUCKY