Three months ago I shared in a blog post our strategy for Preventing and Managing Injuries. Since then all injuries, no matter how minor, have been recorded and tracked. This data can now be analysed to see the safety of our CrossFit program.

90 Days of Injuries in Training

Over the 90 Day Observation period we have had 72 people who have participated in CrossFit training at Daylesford CrossFit. Ages of participants have ranged from 6 years old to 67 years old. They have participated in Adult Group Classes, Kids specific group classes and one on one personal training classes. The total number of attendances recorded has been 937 individual attendances. Over the 90 day observation period we had 8 injuries that occurred from a result of training at Daylesford CrossFit to 6 athletes. The grade of injuries where Four grade 1 injuries (Mild) with a recovery of less than 7 days and Four Grade 2 injuries (Moderate) with a recovery of less than 21 days.


  • 1 Injury per 117 Attendances
  • 8 Injuries for 937 Attendances
  • 0.0085% Chance of injury per attendance
  • 1 in 12 athletes experienced an injury


  • Out of the 8 injuries all 8 where deemed preventible or mitigable
  • Out of the 8 injuries 1 injury had an underlying cause from overtraining
  • Out of the 8 injuries 6 injuries the athlete had an underlying cause from a mobility restriction.
  • Out of the 8 Injuries 4 injuries the athlete had a previous injuries to the area.
  • Out of the 6 injured athletes all 6 where training more than 3 sessions per week.



When focusing on the number of injuries we have seen over the 90 days (8 injuries) it can seem like a very high number. When put into perspective of how many individual training sessions where conducted it is a very low number, this can be seen by the chance of being injured at each individual session being 0.0085%. What we can work on from here is removing underlying causes that will increase your chance of injury. The greatest risk factor is a mobility restriction, followed by previous injuries and then overtraining. To prevent injuries the best thing you can do is improve mobility in the areas you are restricted and insure you go through a full rehabilitation from old injuries.


Check out The Ready State and RomWOD for some great mobility programs.


Coach Lock