In the lead up to Christmas members of Daylesford CrossFit signed up for Nutrition Coaching, forming the crew “Nutrition Nuts”. The Nuts started the 6 weeks with a base reading from an Inbody composition scan. At the end of the 6 weeks a second second scan was taken to compare results and establish how effective the Nutrition coaching was.The Inbody scan provides data points on our bodies composition. There was three readings I was mainly focused on (Total Weight, Sceletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Percentage)

The Intent

Have you ever started a Health kick or exercise program and seen good results at the start but after a few weeks plateaued, lost interest and then after 2 months the health kick was over? The most common reason for plateaus is Nutrition. Exercise will only take you so far and even though CrossFit is an engaging and motivating program where you never get board, without good nutrition you will platue. The intent of the six week nutrition focus was to break plateaus and set the members up for further success by demonstrating how effecting healthy nutrition is to your fitness.

The Focus

The Nutrition Nut members primary focus was on the quality of food they where eating. Making sure they where eating vegetables and fruit, avoiding processed foods, cutting out sugar and making sure they where getting enough protein to support exercise. The secondary focus was on the balance and quantities of food groups. Having a balanced diet will regulate the hormone insulin making you feel alert, energetic and ready to train in the gym.

The Results

Out of the twelve Nutrition Nut members that started the program, eleven made it to the final body scan. The total weight lost was 33.5kg and the total body fat percentage dropped was 33.5% body fat. making an average of 3kg lost and 3% body fat dropped across the group. Some members seen weight loss of up to 5.4kg over the six weeks, nearly 1kg a week. Members reported having more energy and feeling more alert. Improvements in fitness was seen by members getting their first Pull Up, Handstand Push Up and smashing the max weight on strength movements. However increase in muscle mass was only seen by two participants, the other nine participants muscle mass stayed relatively the same.


For most of the participants, the goals where focused on weight loss, which falls under the data points of Total Weight and Body Fat Percentage. For the data points of Total Weight and Body Fat Percentage the results where that the program was effective in reducing numbers. All participants lost weight and dropped body fat percentage. For the data point of Skeletal Muscle Mass I expected to see increases, however only tow participants increased muscle. For the data point of Skeletal Muscle Mass the results where that the program was ineffective for increasing muscle mass. A potential reason being, it is hard to increase muscle mass at the same time as you are reducing body fat. A slower reduction in body fat would be more effective for an athlete trying to increase muscle mass. This is supported by the two members that did see muscle gain had a lower reduction in body fat, compared to the rest of the group who did not increase muscle mass.

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