The idea of going a day without food has always seemed impossible and unnecessary to me. I did not see the benefits from it and I thought it would be to hard to achieve. Never in my life have I gone a day without food, maybe if I was sick, but even then I am sure I would have had something small to eat. A few times I have gone 5 days with little to no sleep and the idea of that was less troubling to me than 1 day without food. The fact that 1 day without food scared me so much, I had to try.


Intermittent fasting diets have become popular over the past few years, due to the benefits seen in health. It can be done in many different ways from, skipping a single meal, restricting calorie intake to 500-700 cals for a day, the 5:2 ratio or a full day with no food. Intermittent fasting does a lot of things, cleanses the liver, restores damage to organs, repairs cells and clears the body of glucose and insulin. There is many short and long term health benefits seen from Intermittent fasting.


The human body can go 30 to 40 days without food and without seeing any severe signs of starvation, as long as you stay hydrated. 30 to 40 DAYS!!!! Here I was thinking that missing breakfast would ruin my life. Thinking of yourself being Hangy (hungry and angry) as a physical response to having no food is a load of bull. It is an emotional response to little bit of discomfort. To often we push our own miss-comfort on to others in order to make our selves feel better. I decided that I would do my 36 hour fast without complaining or even informing anyone. This came un stuck when my Mother In law bought me lunch, I had to explain my situation so I was not rude. I managed to get through 36 hours with no food and not inflicting my discomfort on anyone else.

MY 36 Hours

My last meal was Sunday night and I did not eat until Tuesday morning. To be honest Monday during the day was fine. I was not really hungry and I had excepted that I was not going to eat, it was pretty easy. Monday night after returning from the gym I was hungry. The hardest part I found was going to bed hungry (poor precious me) I thought I was not going to be able to sleep and it took every bit of me to not head to the kitchen and hit the peanut butter jar. Surprisingly I fell asleep quickly and slept great. I awoke Tuesday morning at my normal time 5am forgetting that I needed to eat something. Luckily I would not have had a chance to eat again until 11:30am, so I made breakfast before heading to the 6am class. Once I started eating I felt starving, but kept myself to my normal breakfast amounts.

Intermittent Fasting is a lot easier than I thought it would be. The Health benefits are pretty clear and there is a lot to gain from a little bit of discomfort. Just because you are a little bit hungry does not give you the right to be a jerk.

Coach Lock