Over the last few months CrossFit HQ have traveled the States celebrating affiliates 10 years of training..They had posted pictures on social media of some of the nicest facilities I have ever seen in a CrossFit Box. Some of these box’s have up around 300 members and the size of their gym would be close to a Basketball stadium. HQ posted a photo of the toilets at one box and it was the size of our howl gym. The caption was “How Clean is your Toilet?” a famous quote from Coach Glassman to affiliates on the importance of excellence. I had to comment, “No toilet yet but we can dream”

Daylesford CrossFit has just ticked over 2 years in the business. We are the new kids on the block, a small garage gym at best. The coach rarely gets paid after the bills are gone and there is no budget for new equipment. Some of the equipment, we have to share because we only have two of them and if there is to many people at a class we may have to change the WOD (quickly rub out rowing and box jumps and yep its a running wod today) The ratio of CrossFit gyms to population is, 1 CrossFit gym to 50,000 people. With Daylesford being a population of around 3,000 people the odds are stacked against us.

But after this birthday I am 100% curtain we will succeed and continue beyond 10 years. It doesn’t matter how many square meters your box is or how many rowers you have or if you have GHD’s or assult bikes or SkiErgs, what matters is the people you train with. The best hour of your day is created by the people you spend it with. If you have no one to high five after a workout, did you even workout?????

Thank you to all the members of Daylesford CrossFit for keeping the dream alive and making the 1 hour session the best hour of everyone’s day. One day we will have toilets and I promise I will keep them clean for you.

Coach Lock