In March 2020 I faced a fork in the road and choose the wrong path. I chose to allow the circumstances I was placed in to overwhelm me, I choose to be the victim and I aloud my Nutrition and over all health to decline. The first lockdown Victoria went into I drake alcohol at the end of every day, I aloud myself to eat cheap nasty comfort food, slowly my training dropped off and my health and fitness declined.

In the face of a health crisis I aloud my health to decline. I choose the wrong path. Since February this year I have chosen a new path and it all began with NO Sugar

Now every day when I have to make a decision of what goes into my body, I think will this make me better or will this make me worse.  You face these same fork in the road decisions every day.

Hear are your options and outlook


I eat a few treats every now and again and It is ok to have one beverage at the end of my long hard day. I only exercise every now and again, but next year I will get back into it. I enjoy a few more drinks over the weekend and I love my Saturday night pizza night. Hey, I have only added a few kilos its ok, I am beautiful no matter what. I get a little tired, no big deal, Netflix and chill on the weekend.

Age 40, 5 Years down the track. I use to go to the gym every day and was pretty fit. I use to fit into those jeans. I now can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try. My doctor, Dr Joe Blogs, said I need a check up every 6 to 12 months and should cut out fats.

Age 50 15 years down the track. My knees hurt too much to exercise. I’ll take up walking next month. My Dr said I have something called Pre Diabetes and need a check up every 6 months, but its pretty common everyone gets it and he said it is treatable.

Age 60 – I take this medication for my Blood pressure, I take this medication for my inflammation, I take this medication for my diabetes . I see my doctor every 3 months. They are starting a new exercise program, Bounce In Your Step, sounds good.

Age 70 – Last year I had my first stint put in. I am booked in for a knee replacement. My family have found me a great facility to move into, where they can monitor my insulin levels and it’s just down the road from my doctor.

Age 75 – Who are you?

Age 77 – Hear lies Fake Namington born 22/03/1985 – Died 23/03/2057 age 77


I cut out refined sugar completely from my diet. I have stopped drinking after work. I exercise daily. I only drink at social events. My treat meal on the weekend still looks like real food. I have lost all the weight I put on during lockdown. I have more energy than ever. This weekend we are going camping

Age 40 – I am still hitting records at the gym and I am fitter now than I was when I was 35. I do not feel guilty having the glass of whine and chocolate because my health is on point. I haven’t seen my doctor since my daughter broken her arm.

Age 50 – I am climbing Mt Koziosko next holidays, my doctor said I’m in better shape than her.

Age 60 – Now I am retired I have decided to take up surfing 

Age 70 – I am teaching my grandson to surf, I went to visit Fake Naminton at this awful aged care facility and they could not remember me.

Age 75 – My good mate Fake Namington passed away, I thought in their honour I would have a few beers at the wake, I was a little under the weather at the gym the next day, had to scale the burpees.

Age 85 – I am coming to the realisation that I am not  60 years old anymore and I need to scale more workouts more often I don’t have to do pull ups anymore, ring rows are fine.

Age 90 – I am teaching my GREAT Grand Daughter to surf

Age 95 – I am slowing up a bit this year and only training 3 days a week in the Masters class at the gym. I enjoy the company, the banter and love teaching the 26 year old coach a thing or two on life.

Age 97 – Hear lies Semour Butts, born 22/03/1985 – died 23/03/2082 age 97